Saturday, November 17, 2012

Update android versions tab or mobile

Hi, I've upgraded my mobile galaxy 5 ( GT I5800 / 5503) android version from android 2.1 eclair to android 2.2 version (froyo). This was heartbeating process as I am trying this experiment with my new mobile. But after 1 hour I've delighted to see the new operating system running perfectly with my device.

Now I am explaining the process  - how to do it.

First, we need a software that would put the operating system (downloaded jar, tar...etc ) in the device.
The popular software in market is --

ODIN Multi Downloader  

Then you need a OPS or PIT file (need to be point with ODIN) that have the information for the sequential process that need to be done .

The content would be like below -


OPS file  - you can also found in internet .. the file name would be like -- EUROPA_v1.0.ops etc

Then you need the firmware upgrades (new software you like to install) --

and ofcourse a USB cable and phone driver so that your PC can detect your mobile/PDA/tablet.

Now,,,follow the process below --

1. Take backup your phone/sim/sd card 
2. Do a factory reset (note : every thing in device would be deleted).
    Settings>Privacy>Factory Data Reset

3. Remove SIM and SD card.

4. Open ODIN and Select "One Package", "Auto Reboot", "Protect OPS" as in screenshot.

5. Select the OPS file you downloaded. Click the "OPS" button.

6.  go to the bottom button "Select Integrate Package..." - (check the screenshot) select the 2.2 Froyo (.tar/ .jar) downloaded (the firmware upgrade/ actual mobile operating system) 

7. Please follow this step seriously. Now you are going to make your device in ready state for downloading operating system. There are some buttons need to be pressed simultaneously to let your device know that you are going to change the OS update - for my device 

Switch off your phone (hold the power button "Power OFF"). Remove the battery, so it doesn't boot up automatically. Then hold the "Home + Volume Up + Power" buttons simultaneously.
Until the screen shows the android icon with probably the "Force Upload by Button Pressing" words.
(If those combination buttons don't work, try "Volume Down" or "Volume Up + Down" instead).

8. A special screen would appear to your mobile (you had never seen before probably ;) ) - "Force upload" with android icon..

9. Now connect the USB with computer.

10. Your device should be detected by ODIN (if device drivers are installed properly in PC.) 

11. Now click START in ODIN .. 

12. The phone will load data from the ODIN application supplied and reboot automatically showing new home screen - that you are waiting for... Hurray :) 

note: It takes a while(5-8mins), but way shorter than say loading a Windows OS.

Dont fear if any thing not happening or electricity/computer hang. Again do the process from step 7. (the most important process)

All the new version of downloadable file can be get from the below link -